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Box Car Ranch Retreats

How We Got Our Start

Owners Amy and Laura Turner opened Box Car Quilts Quilt Shop in 2017 with a goal of opening an overnight retreat facility one day.  Instead of purchasing new land, the Turner's decided to convert half of their working ranch into retreat accommodations.  Construction started on their Ranch in late 2020 and Deen's Cottage officially opened in 2021 and Maxine's Manor opened a year later in 2022. 

2023 Update!

The Turner's have decided to make the Ranch a destination quilting location!  The other half of the Ranch is no longer a horse ranch.  Instead, it has now been renovated and turned into a space that now is home to a large quilt shop for Box Car Quilts, a larger event facility that will house day retreats, classes, fun outings and more, and the newly revamped C.W. Antique Store.

We are very much looking forward to the expansions at the Ranch and cannot wait to share them with you!

About the Ranch

Our retreats are located on a beautiful 50 acre ranch located in the heart of Horse Country, USA just 6 minutes north of Denton, Texas.

Deen's Cottage

Lovingly named after Amy's mother, Deen's Cottage is a 3,000 square foot home that has been converted to a modern farmhouse retreat.  With accommodations for up to 8 guests, the Cottage is the perfect setting for your next intimate retreat.

Maxine's Manor

Lovingly named after Laura's Mother, Maxine's Manor is in a large 6,400 square foot building that has been converted to every crafter's dream.  With accommodations for up to 24 guests, the Manor is the perfect setting for large groups, or for individuals to come and meet new friends.

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